jueves, 4 de septiembre de 2008

Funny commercials in Holland

After living here a year I can understand, with a little difficulty still, some of the Dutch TV programs. I don't watch too much television here, but I found some really funny Dutch commercials.
Maybe, it will be a little bit difficult to follow because they are in Dutch, but I will try to explain my favourite commercials.

1. Amstel reclame. In this one, the main objective is to show how excellent the beer is and how it can be more exciting than a girl. That's the commercial, but really, Dutch males are really fascinated in beer, and in some party's that I've been to these situations can be real.

2. Recycle reclame. The Netherlands is really a little country with a large population. If everyone here had the same habits as in some places in Spain regarding environmental issues, this country would be a dump. But they must continue educating the people to treat the environment respectfully, and recycle everything. One of the most contaminating things is the electronic waste, and carrying this waste to the recycle plants can be really exciting!

3. Eneco reclame. It is one of my favourites! It's really great! What happens if in a not very sunny country somebody insults the sun? And, if energy that is used by a whole city is provided by solar panels, why would anybody insult the sun? You must see the apology, it's great!

4. KPN Reclame: The word "Goeiemoggel" like a greeting was a social phenomenon in Holland. Even the manager of my company used it one time to another worker. I compare this word with the Spanish "Finstro" that was very popular years ago. This commercial is for "high level Dutch speakers", and the handy telephone company tries to convince the customers that using keyboard telephones will help the little companies to set their orders correctly.

5.Andrelon for men. This commercial jokes about men who use their girlfriend’s shampoo. You see the three men playing pool, while one of them goes to get them drinks. He orders two beers and one “bessen” (a sweet berry flavoured drink, very popular with girls). He hands the drink to his friend, who’s hair is very much like a girl’s! It has produced a new wave of friends insulting each other by buying the other men girly drinks. The Dutch women don’t complain: they get to drink the drinks after the joke is over….Enjoy….

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ale dijo...

Los holandeses tienen un sentido del humor excelente a la hora de hacer anuncios para la tele. Cada año se otorga el premio Lucky (creo que se llama, el del león de peluche). No sabría con cual quedarme, los de Central beheer: even Apeldoorn bellen tienen siempre su puntillo.